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works hard for the money, honey
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United States
Onna is: a freelance digital and traditional artist who lives in Washington state. Often quiet, shy, and reserved, and a bit klutzy. Can also be very friendly, helpful, and silly at times. :)

Onna likes: Japanese cuisine, watching movies and listening to music at the same time while drawing, pho, purple, cartoons, animals, friends and conversation, and coffee <3

Onna no-likey: spiders, cold floors in the morning, inconsiderate behavior, arrogance, and gross cheap candy :(
Well, EQLA was officially my last MLP convention of the year and it was fun I have to say. Certainly an expensive area to have a convention, but fun nonetheless. :)
Many of the staff were extremely helpful in making the con a success and making people in the vendor's hall comfortable and I really appreciate it!

The convention mascot badges went over very well too and that makes me so happy! I've got plans to keep this up for next year now but I think I will be doing some alternate/silly face versions or something else possibly. I may also opt to make badges of the side mascots that many conventions have, but that will all be worked out later on.

For now though I am back home and catching up on a bit of sleep and starting to sort through take home commissions and so on, so I'll be getting back to people very soon with updates and progress!
I'm looking forward to the next couple months as we progress into Fall (my favorite time of year) and Winter because my schedule will be much more open and I will be able to not only catch up on my queue but also start some bigger projects I have been wanting to work on. I will also be doing my best to update my various web galleries more often and check in on them, they have been dormant for quite some time so I just need to get a routine going again and soon more and more work will be posted for everyone. ^^

Thank you to everyone who came by the table though and said hi and bought things, I really appreciate every little bit of it and it's wonderful to see people enjoying my work <3


Updates: Commission Inquiries and Queue

Also this summer convention season has been a crazy whirlwind. I feel like I have barely been home with travelling and so much prep!
I realize that there are many folks who are still waiting on things from me and I promise I shall be getting to them very very soon. My next convention is Rainfurrest, but that is the end of September and it's a local convention so it will be much less stress since travel won't be an issue.
I will be checking and replying to emails tomorrow as well as mailing out already completed work that hasn't quite been sent out while I've been away, thank you again to everyone for your patience during this time.

At this time I am also going to post that if you have tried to contact me via DA notes and I have not responded, I am very sorry for this but in general website PM's are not the best way to get hold of me as I very infrequently check the websites at this time and also hate how most websites handle their PM systems.
Generally email is the best as I can keep track of it and reference messages so much better that way through the WIP process and other commission conversation details.
All emails can be sent to and please include the username that was provided at the time of the commission plus what the commission was (badge, sketch, etc.) and what your character's name is as well to help me more easily and quickly identify you in my queue.
I will be going through my DA, FA, and tumblr notes in the next day or so as well and providing a single response to inquiries to handle quick questions, but further conversations will have to be continued through emails just fyi.

Thanks so much for everyone's patience through this busy summer as I have been travelling, packing, moving, and trying to draw as much art as possible in between!
I greatly appreciate it and will be working on catching up during Sept/early Nov with my more open schedule.

Have a wonderful evening ~<3

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Just got my badge today, it came out great! :D Thanks for the two stickers, too. Keep up the great work!
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